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Papeete, Tahiti ~ Nov 10, 2011

Papeete, Tahiti

November 10, 2011

Think of any superlative ~ beautiful, stunning, magnificent, spectacular and you’ll just begin to describe Tahiti, that island paradise countless have written of and even more have dreamed about.

The island of Tahiti (all 404 square miles) is large and proud, towering over the ocean like a royal Queen crowned with a circle of majestic peaks.  The mountainous interior shelters deep valleys, clear streams & high waterfalls, all bathed in green iridescence of Mother Natures light.

The flat coastal lands, edged with a rugged coastline, are home to fields of tropical flowers and the most of the island’s population.  Papeete, the invigorating capital city and gateway of the territory, boasts world-class resorts, spas, fine restaurants, nightclubs, and endless shopping at the vibrant markets, pearl shops and boutiques.

Some useful words ~

Yes…………E, oia


Hello…..….la Orana


Thank You………..Mauru’uru


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Exploring the legendary island of Tahiti with Carl and his friend Delores is sure to be a highlight of our Polynesian vacation.  We’ll see all the major highlights of this amazing island as we travel point by point around its coastal road in total comfort in Carl’s Vans . . .

~ Points of interest on our tour ~
*See picture of Tour Map below*

*One Tree Hill

*Point Venus ~
A Lighthouse now stands where James Cook and the scientists of his expedition observed the transit of Venus in 1769

*Arahoho Blow hole
Oceans waves surge through the blowhole formed in Volcanic basalt

Across the street ~
If you stand right on top of the blowhole the blast of air
will almost lift you off of your feet . . .


One of many including Me!

*Gauguin Museum & Restaurant
The museum chronicles the French artists life in Polynesai and includes 2 sketches and a sculptur

*Fern Grottoes of Maraa

*Marae ~ Sacred temple
An ancient, open air Polynesian temple

~ Tour Map ~


*Papeete Market Place to do a little shopping before walking back to the ship.

Our #2 Van Tour Guide Dolores has a Pearl and Gift Shop in Moorea
Delores L’ilot Tressors
Tahitian Pearls and Gift Shop
Tumai Shopping Center nearby Moorea Golf Course
Tel: 689-56.36.55 Cell: 689-74.84.62

~ And for those who like to do their own thing on foot ~

Papeete Walking Tour info:

Moorea, Tahiti ~ Nov 9, 2011

MOOREA, Tahiti

November 9, 2011

Clearly visible from Tahiti, Moorea is located only 9 miles away across
 the Sea of the Moon.  For all the hustle and bustle of nearby Tahiti (125,000+ population compared to Moorea’s 9,000) Moorea is the best kept secret of the trio of famous 
French Polynesian islands. 
Bora Bora and Tahiti get the press, but Moorea, is the real prize. 
Beyond the picture postcard lagoons and the white sand beaches, the volcanic island ~ twice as old as Tahiti ~ is also famous for its six mountains, including Mt Rotui, which offers spectacular views of Opunohu Bay and the island.

PO box 77 Maharepa, 98728 MOOREA French Polynesia
Tel (689) 55 21 10
Fax (689) 56 40 58

Wear or bring swim suit, Towel, Water shoes, Suntan Lotion, Hat and camera.  *Mask and snorkel are supplied aboard the boat.

Explore the island's unique coral reef

and have the opportunity to feed sharks and rays,

Swimming and Snorkeling included.

private islet (Motu)

* * *
This tour is an absolute must for those who want to and or like to snorkel.  As well as snorkeling with the sting rays and black tipped sharks during the catamaran tour - you can also snorkel even better at the Motu.  Take a short walk to the left of the Motu down to a breaker and wade in and the tide will bring you right back to where Albert's Motu is.  My friends who Snorkle say ~ 
this was their very favorite place for snorkeling.  Lots of coral and abundant 
with beautiful fish, sea cucumbers and sting rays ~ too.

Bora Bora, Tahiti Nov 8, 2011

Bora Bora, Tahiti

November 8, 2011

*** Be very careful what water you drink in all of the Polynesia area - They drink Mineral water like we drink spring water, ie:  in their bottled water is a % of Magnesium that Americans are not used to - So, Beware! ~ Magnesium ~ as in ~ Milk of Magnesia ;-) ***

For many ~ there are few places, if any, in the world ~ whose natural beauty surpasses Bora Bora.  Here nature painted a perfect masterpiece of deep green volcanic peaks edged by a ribbon of reef and magnificent white-sand beaches.  A small island, Toopua, and the islet Toopua iti proudly stand guard nearby.  All of this majesty rises from a spectacular lagoon of jewel-like hues ranging from deep amethyst to light turquoise.

Most of Bora Bora’s residents live on the flat coastal strip that rings the island.  The paved round-island road skirts the shoreline and runs in and out of the bays.  Because the road is only 32Km (19 miles) long, many visitors see it by bicycle ~ give your self a full day, scooter or car.

~ For more info ~

Maohi Nui Tours Lagoon Excursion

Matira Beach 
French Polynesia

011 689 791 911

3/4 day lagoon excursion including the lunch on a private motu

Patrick's Catamarran's #1, #2, #3



Our Catamarran ~ #3 ~ 12 passengers 

Sarah in the water

Grace cuddling with Alex

Sarah singing to Alex

1) Snorkeling in a coral garden,

2) visiting the sting rays in shallow water,

Petting the Petting the Sting Rays

3) observation of black tip reef sharks

4) Polynesian lunch on a private island (motu)

Preparing the Polynesian Lunch

Our Plates are made out of woven leaves

Your fingers are your utensils! 

Swimming and Snorkeling is included.

This was my absolute favorite tour.  
The water for swimming and snorkeling was warm and clear.
Our guides were fantastic and helped all of us see and pet the sting rays in waist deep water.

If anyone is up for a drink afterwards - Bloody Mary's is available . . .