Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Begin . . . Pre Cruise Jitters ~

We Begin . . . Pre Cruise Jitters ~
*This picture is what we all have been staring at on our computer screens for some time now.  Most of us have been anxiously waiting since we booked ~ more than a year and a half, now ~ for this cruise to get here.  
*Anticipation and packing for me ~ is "almost" as fun as going on this cruise.
*You get to dream with your eyes wide open . . . weeks and months before you ever get  there!
*Some of our Cruise Critic . com message board folks including me already have a "Cruise Staging Area" ~ the extra bed in the empty bedroom filed with all the things that will soon go in our suitcases.    Others  have their ironing boards up and are arduously making sure all is neat and ready to go while others are waiting till the last minute to throw everything in their suitcase and be on their way.
*And some of us have already planned our own tours in the following ports ~  
I will be noting tour names, people to contact and email addresses in each blog below for anyone reading this blog that is beginning to plan their own cruise to this most beautiful part of the world. 

Our itinerary ~ and what is coming up for Sarah and I . . . 
      10/21/2011 Crowne Plaza Hotel - San Pedro, Ca & Dinner at the Green Onion
                       *The Cruise begins!
1.   10/22/2011 Saturday Los Angeles, California
2.   10/23/2011 Sunday At Sea 
3.   10/24/2011 Monday At Sea
4.   10/25/2011 Tuesday At Sea
5.   10/26/2011 Wednesday At Sea
6.   10/27/2011 Thursday Maui - Do a Walking tour on the Historic Trail through out Lahaina and then go to Kaanapali / Whalers Village via a bus or shuttle.
7.   10/28/2011 Friday Hilo - Look for Ricky's Tours info and pics.
8.   10/29/2011 Saturday Honolulu - Look for info and pics re: the "Hole in the Wall" Tour.
9.   10/30/2011 Sunday Kauai - How we spend our time in Kauai will be a surprise to both of us and you all . . .
10.  10/31/2011 Monday At Sea
11.  11/1/2011 Tuesday At Sea
12.  11/2/2011 Wednesday At Sea
13.  11/3/2011 Thursday At Sea
14.  11/4/2011 Friday Pago Pago - Look for  info and pics re: Sulu's tour w/ oceaniatravel
15.  11/5/2011 Saturday Apia - Look for info and pics re: Polynesian Xplorer tour w/ Nanise 
16.  11/6/2011 Sunday At Sea
17.  11/7/2011 Monday At Sea 
18.  11/8/2011 Tuesday Bora Bora - Look for info and pics re: PatricksTour / Outrigger / Motu
19.  11/9/2011 Wednesday Moorea - Look for info and pics re: Alberts Motu Tour
20.  11/10/2011 Thursday Papeete - Look for info and pics re Carl's full day Tour
21.  11/11/2011 Friday at sea
22.  11/12/2011 Saturday At Sea
23.  11/13/2011 Sunday At Sea
24.  11/14/2011 Monday At Sea * My Birthday!!
25.  11/15/2011 Tuesday At Sea
26.  11/16/2011 Wednesday At Sea
27.  11/17/2011 Thursday At Sea
28.  11/18/2011 Friday At Sea
29.  11/19/2011 Saturday Los Angeles - Disembarkation and spending the night at Crowne Plaza Hotel - San Pedro, California 

This blog will be as interactive as you all want it to be. If you have funny or not so funny stories & or pictures you would like included, your best tour guide info along with their snail mail addresses & email addresses, etc ~ either before, during or after the cruise - send them along to me and I will include your stuff along in this blog along with mine.

Here's to an absolutely wonderful cruise for all of us!

Salute and Aloha!