Saturday, October 15, 2011

6 Days To Go, the Crowne Plaza & 1st Meet and Greet

Today is Saturday 10/15/2011 ~ 

Six days (less than a week) to the day before we will be walking on board the Sapphire Princess heading to . . . Heaven in Paradise . . . The South Pacific!

How many of you have your suitcases out, crowded onto any flat surface available and are trying to pack all the things we all have laboriously put in our *CSA for the past year or so?
(*New Words are found at the bottom)  

Those of us who are detail orientated and have made our never ending lists ~ each item is being crossed off as it finds its way into our open suitcases.

Our minds never ending chatter goes something like this . . .

Will it all fit? 
Can I get one more thing in?  
What about my shoes ~ do I have enough space for all of them?
Just 50lbs ~ It can not exceed 50 lbs!
Reorganize, again.
Oh the joys of packing ~
And so it goes . . .

Happy Packing all!

For those of you who are cruising with us and also those who are *not* ~ and ~ who still want to follow along and live vicariously through us ~

*Yes, that goes for all of you who have booked this same cruise in 2013 ~ You are welcome too!  And your friends and your friends, friends!  Come one, come all!

To find out all of our secrets ~

Here are our Cruise Critic threads where we have met and made new friends, talked endlessly about anything cruise related and some things ~ not so cruise related.  

Please feel free to sit down with a cup of coffee or what ever floats your boat and get ready for a very long read - we have been chatting on these threads since not long after this cruise became available to buy ~ I think it was early 2010 ~(*note ~ some of our LA to Tahiti, to LA thread got shortened) - So I can not tell you the exact "inception day".

Cruise Critic Thread ~ 
October 22, 2011 LA to Tahiti to LA . . . 


Cruise Critic Thread ~
Cruise Fashion & Beauty ~
28 Day Sapphire South Pacific fashion questions and other girly stuff . . .

I just thought of one more way to follow along with us - Check out the Sapphire Princess Bridge Cam for a view of where we are on our journey ~

And ~ also This Blog ~  Sapphire Princess Odyssey 10/22/11 - 11/19/11

All of you ~ Feel free to add a comment anytime the spirit moves you or when you have a funny story that just can not wait until we see you again.

New Words:

*CSA ~ For those of you who are saying what the heck is a CSA  ~ 
CSA is a new phrase we learned from SissyG on her ~ Cruise Critic, 28 day Sapphire South Pacific fashion questions and other girly stuff, thread ~ a while back ~ and it will now and forever be a part of our new cruise vocabulary.  
And, yes, we all, albeit, maybe secretly ~ have one ~
CSA is a ~
"Cruise Staging Area"

I just found a map for San Pedro that might be useful to some to use to wander 
around the area before or after the cruise.

Crowne Plaza Meet and Greet

At the Green Onion Restaurant

Our 1st SPO Meet and Greet

This is the Cruise Director

Recognize anyone?

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  1. Grace,
    johnny and Trina here, remember us from the Island Princess10/9/2007. Bobbie and John told us about your blog, we are going same time they are in 3/26/13. Your were with Ruth on that cruise...
    So quite a blog here, knowing you, you have included everything, crossed your T's dotted your i's.
    If you remember, Trina was the wheel chair bound one, I her husband/caregiver.
    What a small world it truly is.

    We hope you have a great time and will be expecting a full report on your return.

    Bye for now, johnny