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Lahaina, Maui ~ Oct 27, 2011

Lahaina, Maui ~ our 1st port of call
 ~ 0ctober 27, 2011 ~

“Maui no ka oi” exclaim the locals. “Maui is the best.” Needless to say many visitors agree.

Formed by two massive volcanoes, Maui is the 2nd largest of the Hawaiian islands.  These volcanoes are joined by a rich valley which gives Maui its nickname, the “Valley Isle.”

The islands varied topography accounts of Maui’s scenic and climatic contrasts, culminated by the spectacular Haleakala Crater, the world’s largest inactive volcano, towering 10,032 feet above sea level.

Maui’s natural splendor includes the lush Iao Valley, magical waterfalls of Hana and an endless sea of sugarcane and pineapple fields.  There is more than 80 beaches and has more miles of swimmable beach than any other island.  Ancient volcanoes have left sands in a rainbow of colors ~ white, gold, black, green and garnet.

Today we will walk the Lahaina Historic Trail. (*Look for this map in the Maui map section)

~ Here are some pictures taken along the way ~

Heading to Lahaina, Maui

Lahaina ahead

Under an absolutely Huge Fig Tree

Colorful Foliage

Fan Palm

Getting ready for Halloween

In ~ Hilo Hatties

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Hawaiian Words:
1) Mauka means toward the mountains. 
2) Makai means toward the ocean. 
These two Hawaiian words are used when giving directions. 
For example, "take Honoapiilani to Papalaua, then turn makai to get to the Old Lahaina Center." 

3) A good Hawaiian word to learn is kuuipo (kuu-uu-EE-poh), which means sweetheart.

4) The Hawaiian word for the sun is la
You already use that word as part of two Hawaiian place names that you know:  la is the first syllable of Lahaina, which means merciless sun.  And la is the last syllable of Haleakala, which means ~ house of the sun.

5) The Hawaiian word for rainbow is Anuenue, pronounced ah-NU-ee-NU-ee.

6) Yes is Ae & No is A’ole.

7) Hello or Goodbye is Aloha & Good Morning is Aloha Kakahiaka

8) Excuse me  is  Kal mai ia’u 

Sunset at Haleakala 

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